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On this page, you will find the terms and conditions I’ll ask you to agree to when we begin working together. Things will vary from project to project and that’s fine. We can agree the specifics or any amendments over email. If your organisation has its own agreement and terms for freelancers, I’m happy to look at these as well. Below my terms and conditions, you’ll find my privacy policy, which relates to the data I use during a project and any information that is collected via this site. If you have any questions or if you think there’s something I haven’t covered, please let me know.

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Terms and conditions

1. Definitions

(1.1) Throughout these terms and conditions, I/me refers to Lisa Robertson, trading as Editwrite, and you refers to the client receiving my services. We/us refers to me and the client.

2. About Editwrite

(2.1) I am self-employed as a sole trader. As such, I am responsible for my own income tax and National Insurance.

(2.2) I am not registered for VAT.

(2.3) I understand that I am not an employee of your organisation (if applicable) and that I am not entitled to any of its staff benefits.

3. You can expect from me…

(3.1) A professional and friendly service.

(3.2) Flexibility and fairness.

(3.3) A quality service, delivered to specification and within the agreed timescales.

(3.4) An open flow of communication as required.

4. I can expect from you…

(4.1) Flexibility and fairness.

(4.2) An open flow of communication as required.

(4.3) Responses to any queries, requests or points of clarification within a reasonable time, so as not to hold up the project.

5. Flexible working

(5.1) Apart from any agreed meetings, the work will be undertaken largely from my home, unsupervised, using my own resources.

(5.2) I work flexible hours in order to deliver your work to the agreed deadlines.

(5.3) I may not be able to provide an immediate response to emails or phone calls. However, unless you receive an automated message back saying that I am away or ill, I monitor my emails daily Monday to Friday and will acknowledge all business correspondence by the next working day.

6. Copyright

(6.1) All documents/text I work on will remain the property of you or your organisation, including any content I create on your behalf.

7. Liability

(7.1) I will do a careful and professional job for you. However, I cannot guarantee perfection in a proofreading project and I cannot influence what happens in your organisation after I have written a document for you.

(7.2) The document/text remains your responsibility at all times and you should check my writing, amendments or comments carefully before accepting them and signing off the project.

8. Cancellation

(8.1) We both have the right to cancel the project at any time should there be a serious breach of the terms we have agreed.

(8.2) Services are chargeable from the point at which you accept my quote/estimate in writing.

(8.3) If you cancel the project at any time between the point of accepting my quote/estimate and halfway through the project, I reserve the right to charge you for up to 50% of the price agreed.

(8.4) If you cancel the project after the halfway point, I reserve the right to charge you for up to 100% of the price agreed.

9. Renegotiation

(9.1) We are both able to renegotiate these terms, specification and deadlines during the project, but we must both agree this in writing.

(9.2) In such circumstances, I may issue a revised quote/estimate and specification.

(9.3) If you change the remit significantly during the course of the project, it may be considered to be a new project and therefore the cancellation terms above may apply to the piece of work originally agreed.

10. Payment terms

(10.1) I will issue invoices upon completion, or at stages of the project as agreed by both of us.

(10.2) You must pay invoices in full by BACS transfer within 30 days of receipt (bank details provided on invoice).

11. Feedback

(11.1) Upon completion of the project, I may ask you for some basic feedback about the service you have received from me, and I may request a short testimonial to use as a reference for future clients.

(11.2) You are under no obligation to provide either of the above, although it would be much appreciated.

(11.3) I will ask for your written permission before any of this information is shared externally (for example on my website or shown to future clients).

12. Terms and conditions

(12.1) Unless specified otherwise, these terms and conditions apply to all pieces of work I undertake.

(12.2) I reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

(12.3) If I amend my terms and conditions during the course of a project, the terms at the point of agreement will remain valid until the project is signed off.

(12.4) I last revised these terms and conditions in November 2022, with minor adjustments made to wording for clarity. Content remains unchanged from my October 2019 revisions.

13. Project-specific terms

(13.1) These will vary for each project, and will generally include:

  • summary of work to be undertaken
  • format (such as Word or PDF)
  • price and invoicing arrangements
  • deliverables (such as a strategy document)
  • timescales
  • specification (including use of style guides, templates, and so on)
  • communication arrangements
  • sign-off terms (when we know the project has been completed)
  • retention/destruction of data and files (if applicable)

Privacy policy

1. Project data and documents

(1.1) I will not share your document/text with third parties without your written permission. This includes sharing it on any public website.

(1.2) We may both keep documents, emails and contact details relating to this piece of work, while remaining within the spirit of UK General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). This means keeping only essential information with a clear and agreed purpose. While I have no default time limit on this, I am happy to negotiate a retention/destruction agreement for your specific project if you so wish.

(1.3) If your project involves me analysing person-level data, you should anonymise it before sharing it with me, removing names, detailed addresses and dates of birth. You should only share individual data with me that is essential to the work I am carrying out for you. This is particularly crucial in the case of children and young people’s data. We will agree a secure way of sharing this data and will put a retention/destruction agreement in place.

(1.4) I will store project-related documents on my laptop, which is backed up to the cloud via Microsoft OneDrive. I also use Dropbox and Google Docs for file sharing if required. I take all reasonable precautions to ensure the security of my laptop. The details of file storage, sharing and backup will always be agreed between us and tailored to the needs of each project.

(1.5) Editwrite is just me, so there are no complications with third parties. Where projects require collaborations, we’ll always review and agree specific data sharing arrangements before starting.

2. Website and social media

(2.1) My website collects cookies to help personalise the user experience. You should see a pop-up that tells you this. However, I don’t look at any of this data or use it in any way.

(2.2) My website is created using WordPress and I can view generalised aggregated data on site use (which pages are accessed, date and time of access, and which country site users are in). None of this data identifies individual users. I don’t use this data for anything other than personal interest and business planning, and do not publish it.

(2.3) ​If you follow me on Facebook or LinkedIn but do not wish to be ‘seen’, you should adjust your own privacy settings. I do not collect or use any personal data through my social media pages but I will be able to see the names and basic profiles of my followers/connections unless these are hidden.

3. Contact details

(3.1) If you email me, I’ll have your email address within my system. However, I won’t use this to spam you or pester you. Any emails you receive from me will be personally written. You can ask to be deleted from my address book at any time.

4. Subject access requests

(4.1) In line with UK GDPR, you can ask me at any point what data I hold relating to you, your company or your project, and I will provide this free of charge within one month of your request.

5. Privacy policy

(5.1) I last revised this privacy policy in September 2023. I amended section 1.4 to cover recent changes to my storage arrangements. All other content remains unchanged since the last revision in November 2022.

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