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Professional proofreading services: providing that final check your documents need

Even the most careful writers miss errors or inconsistencies in their own work. ​No matter how many times we check our own documents, it is easy to skim over things and read what we meant to write. This doesn’t always match what we actually wrote!

My proofreading service will give you peace of mind. I will use my fresh and professionally trained pair of eyes to give your text a final polish, making sure that it is clear, consistent and accurate.

I'm blown away by what you have picked up

“I’ve now reviewed all your comments on the first 21 factsheets and I’m blown away by what you have picked up. Your review has given me so much confidence in our publications and I can’t thank you enough for being so thorough and detailed! You are brilliant, Lisa – thank you!”

– Leena O’Hara, Programme Manager, The Aplastic Anaemia Trust, September 2020

A top-notch proposal

“I’ve been lucky enough to find a publisher who wants to invest in the book and publish it for me. Feedback from them is that it was one of the best book proposals they’ve had. Thanks for your support and wonderful editing services for the proposal – it definitely set me in good stead to be able to provide a top-notch proposal.”

– Jessica Mooney, business owner and author at Bread for Life, July 2020

Diligence, initiative and clear communication

“Thank you very much for all your work proofreading the reports. Your diligence, initiative and clear and prompt communication is much appreciated.”

– Deputy headteacher of an independent senior school, April 2019

A professional through and through

“Working with Lisa has been both a pleasure and the right decision for our organization, the good coach. A professional through and through, asking the questions that need to be asked and at the same time helping us to work towards compiling a style guide to achieve a level of consistency as we work with multiple international authors. Importantly, I can rely on her to carefully proofread each of our published articles, and provide considered and useful corrections as well as appropriate feedback where needed promptly.”

– Yvonne Thackray, Founder & Director, the good coach, December 2018

I know I can rely on her

“​I know I can rely on her to proofread our newsletter carefully, detecting any issues and providing useful and appropriate feedback where needed promptly.”

– Emma Clarke, Editor, NCT Warwickshire Central, February 2017

What do you get with my proofreading service?

I can offer you a fresh and professional pair of eyes, trained by the Publishing Training Centre, the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (now known as the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading) and Plain English Campaign. I will mark up amendments in a way that suits your needs. This most commonly means Track Changes in Word or PDF Comments, but I also have accreditation in using the BSI proofreading symbols. If I need to pass editorial decisions back to you, I will do so through clear queries. I can work to your style guide if you have one. The level of my intervention is up to you, and isn’t limited to the traditional definition of proofreading. I am more than happy to do some light editing if this is what you need.

What I always check:

  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Consistency
  • Clarity
  • General sense
  • Basic layout
Examples of things I proofread:

  • Business reports
  • Marketing materials
  • Blogs and articles
  • Online business materials
  • Guidance documents
  • Research and analysis reports
  • School reports

Need something a bit more involved? Take a look at my plain English and business writing services.

How much will it cost?

Because each project is different, so is each price.

Costs depend on what level of work I need to put in and how long it is likely to take. To determine this, I’ll listen to your needs and ask what you’re aiming for. I can offer options for different ways of approaching your project, and can work in stages to accommodate your timescales and budget.

My proofreading and editing prices are in line with the minimum rates suggested by the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading.

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