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Plain English services: making things clear for your readers

Jargon, business speak and creative language certainly have their places in writing.  

However, when you are trying to inform the public or get people to do something, the simplest writing is often the most effective. Plain English is not about dumbing down: it is about being clear and straightforward. 

I will write text on your behalf or edit something you have already written.


Easier to read and digest

“Thanks for all your help making our new guidelines so much easier to read and digest. Your work took our rambling thoughts and tidied them beautifully into headings and bullet points in a way we just couldn’t have done without you. THANK YOU!”

– Alex Smith, on behalf of NCT Warwickshire Central, February 2017

Complex ideas made relaxed and engaging

“Lisa excels at writing thought provoking, well researched articles that are perfectly relevant to our target audience. She is able to put across complex ideas in a relaxed and engaging way.”

– Emma Clarke, Editor, NCT Warwickshire Central, February 2017

She really understood what I was trying to convey

“I recently turned to Lisa for help with my website. She took my words and like magic turned them into something so professional overnight! I would highly recommend her. She really understood what I was trying to convey and I’m thrilled with the result!”

– Harriet Saxton, business owner, Harriet’s Healthy Kitchen, January 2017

What do you get with my plain English service?

I can offer you a fresh and professional pair of eyes, trained by the Publishing Training Centre, the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (now known as the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading) and Plain English Campaign. Whether it’s writing something from scratch or adapting something you’ve already written, I’ll work (usually in Word) to meet your requirements. For online text, I can also contribute to your user testing and quality assurance processes. Together, we can ensure that your words work hard so your readers don’t have to.

What my plain English service will give you:

  • Text that gets straight to the point
  • Language that is easy to understand
  • Clear messages that people can act upon
  • A reduced word count, if needed*

* Plain English doesn’t always mean fewer words!

Examples of things I write or edit into plain English:

  • Business reports
  • Marketing materials
  • Public information
  • Public sector documents
  • Bids and tender documentation
  • Summaries of longer documents
  • Guidance documents
  • Training materials
  • Child-friendly versions of reports

Not quite what you’re after? Take a look at my proofreading and business writing services.

How much will it cost?

Because each project is different, so is each price.

Costs depend on what level of work I need to put in and how long it is likely to take. To determine this, I’ll listen to your needs and ask what you’re aiming for. I can offer options for different ways of approaching your project, and can work in stages to accommodate your timescales and budget.

My proofreading and editing prices are in line with the minimum rates suggested by the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading.

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