How to write for your business

Whether it’s a report or a leaflet, a blog article or a bid, all business will involve some sort of writing.

What you write and how you write is a reflection of your business, so if standing out as professional, clear and competent is what you’re after, read on.

1. Plan well

Whatever kind of document you’re working on, the first thing to do is think about why you’re writing it. What is the purpose? What are you trying to achieve? Being clear about these things up front will help you maintain your focus throughout.

Different people plan their text in different ways. You could create a skeleton structure of the headings or main themes, with some bullet points or ideas under each one. You could begin with sketching out the ideas and then arranging them into a structure. Whichever method you use at this stage, it should save you time and effort later down the line.

2. Write well

Think about your audience and how they will receive your document. Use language that they will understand and be clear about your ideas.

Be careful with your spelling and grammar. A well-written document will be much more easily understood and will come across as more professional.

Structure your document with appropriate headings and paragraph breaks. Make sure key messages are not lost in a sea of text.

Begin well and end well. These are the bits that readers will remember most clearly. For a report, start with an introductory paragraph outlining its purpose, and end with a summary of what you have written, with a conclusion and recommendations if appropriate. For marketing and information materials, get your key messages in at the top, and end with a ‘call to action’ (what the reader must do).

3. Check well

Read through your document. Ask someone else to read it, and engage a professional proofreader if you can. Did the document achieve its intended purpose?

Take a look at my guide on How to proofread your own work for further tips on checking your document.

Happy writing!

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