#EditwriteWords roundup

Welcome to my first roundup of #EditwriteWords

I couldn’t work out what I wanted to post on my social media pages during these strange and scary times. Spelling tips just didn’t seem to fit the bill anymore.

My #EditwriteWords posts give readers just a single word to focus on. Sometimes they are positive and optimistic; sometimes they acknowledge the gravity of the situation; and sometimes they are just a bit silly. But they are all words that we can share and think about while we get to grips with this temporary version of the world we’re living in.

Here’s a roundup of the first five words we focused on. If you’re feeling extra inspired, you can also take a look at the little bits of lighthearted ‘homework’ I’ve added under each one.

EditwriteWords#1: Rainbow

The first of my #EditwriteWords is rainbow. A bright beam of hope at the end of a raincloud.

Have you wondered why there are so many rainbow pictures in people’s windows at the moment? It means there’s a child in there who isn’t able to go to school because of the closures. It’s a way for those children to say hello as you go past on your daily exercise, and a way for them to connect with school friends they are missing.

The trend probably started in Italy, but it has quickly spread worldwide. Follow the hashtag #chasetherainbow on Twitter to see the rainbows that are being shared around the globe.

Homework 1: How many did you spot on your walk today?

Homework 2: If your child hasn’t already made one, ask them to have a go! Challenge them to get creative – we have seen rainbows big and small, paintings and collages, ones with messages and ones without … and even a flower pot!

May your days be full of rainbows and hope.

EditwriteWords#2: Neighbourhood

The next word to focus on is neighbourhood.

By making people stay at home, this crisis has brought neighbours together. We are starting to look out for each other more. That man across the road who lives on his own. The woman whose husband is in a wheelchair. The children who can’t play on their bikes and kick a football down the street.

Neighbourhoods are getting a new lease of life through this common bond we share. Can we continue when it’s all over?

Homework 3: Stay outside for a few minutes after your Thursday Clap for Keyworkers and have a little chat with a neighbour. Is there anything you can help them with at the moment?

colourful speech bubbles with text saying 'hello' in different languages

EditwriteWords#3: Hello

I love the fact that strangers are saying hello or giving a smile or nod of acknowledgement as they walk past each other at the moment. It beats the usual stare down at the pavement.

It feels like there’s some sense of camaraderie going on. We are all in this together and shouldn’t be offended if the person walking towards us dives into a bush or moves to the other side of the road to avoid us!

Homework 4: Say hello to someone when you’re next out walking.

Homework 5: Get in touch with someone you’re missing at the moment and say hi.

teddy bear looking out of a rainy window, representing isolation

EditwriteWords#4: Isolate

The next of my #EditwriteWords is isolate.

I’m sure this word has never been used as much as it has been in recent weeks. We are being told to be alone and hidden away, in a world that usually operates on people, connections and social interaction. It’s all for the greater good, but for many, it’s really tough.

No homework for this one – just look after yourselves and each other 😉

EditwriteWords#5: Rhombicosidodecahedron

The final word for this first roundup is rather a mouthful!I learnt rhombicosidodecahedron from my 7-year-old son’s home learning. I’m pretty sure it’s not part of the Year 3 curriculum but you never know these days with some of the terminology they come home with! It’s a solid shape with 62 regular faces – 30 square, 20 triangular and 12 pentagonal. Hands up who knew that already … 🤔

Homework 6: Have you learnt any new words since school came home?

black and white geometric pattern

Until next time …

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Until next time, take care of yourselves, and continue to look out for each other.

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