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Please contact me today for a free estimate or a no-commitment chat about what you need

Please drop me an email or find me on social media. If we need a phone call, please include your details and we’ll find a convenient time to have a chat.


What happens when you contact me?

When you contact me, please give as much information as you can about your project. Here are some of the things it would be good to know; I’ve given a couple of examples in brackets beside each one:

What is it? (blog article; annual report)

Who is it for? (general public; target customers)

What is its purpose? (to get people to come to your event; to educate colleagues in a particular aspect of your profession)

What are the main things you are trying to achieve by involving me? (making sure your text can be understood by a lay reader; making sure everything is in line with your style guide)

What would you like me to do? (proofread; edit for plain English)

What are your timescales? (yesterday!; by the end of the month would be good)

You might not be sure about the answers to some of these at the moment, and that’s fine. Just let me know what you know and we can go from there.

Estimates are free of charge and there’s no commitment until you confirm you’d like me to take on the work. Please take a look at my terms and conditions for more information about what happens next.

I look forward to working with you!

How I use your details

If you email me, I’ll have your email address within my system. However, I won’t use this to spam you or pester you. Any emails you receive from me will be personally written. Please just ask if you would like me to delete your details from my address book at any time. 

Find out more about how I use and store your data, by visiting my Terms, conditions & privacy page.